Weight loss: 8 Best ways to burn more calories while walking

1. Walking for Weight Loss

It is difficult for some of us to spare time in our busy schedules to drag ourselves to the gym. But not all exercises need to be high-intensity sweat sesh.

In fact, as per the US Department of Health and Human Services, walking is a great, and one of the low-impact exercises to burn calories and stay fit. But how many calories you can burn depends upon spending time and distance covered. Here is all you need to know about burning calories while walking and how walking can melt down your fats and promote weight loss.

Regular walking habit offers many health benefits including weight loss and reduces belly fat. It is also one of the easiest and most effective exercises a person can do. Many people walk regularly and gain the benefits of being more active.

2. How many calories can walk burn?

While walking the number of calories, you can burn depends upon various factors, like your speed, distance, weight, duration, and what type of terrains like hills or sand you are walking on. Your weight and the distance you walk are the main factors in how many calories you burn while walking.

A rule of thumb is that a 180-pound person burns about100 calories per mile and a 120-pound person burns 65 calories per mile.

3. Regular Walking for weight loss

Walking is one of the simplest and handy exercises to get your body moving with minimal equipment. It is a great exercise for people who wants to reduce weight. Taking up walking regularly can help to reduce knee issues or arthritis who cannot bear more strenuous and high-impact workouts.

4. Long term benefits of Walking

As per a 2019 review, walking with a pole as support helped overweight and obese people lose weight. A 2008 study, which analyzed data for 15 years found people who walked regularly, gained less weight and were more likely to lose and maintain weight as related to people who did not walk.

However, it can be difficult to lose weight by walking alone. Thus, it is best to add some strength training into your daily routine. It also helps to develop lean muscle, which helps you burn extra calories and promotes weight loss.

5. Try different ways to increase walking endurance

Do intervals

Speed up for a duration, like for some steps or minutes, and then slow down to regulate your pace and repeat. It can help you burn more calories, even after you are done exercising.

Choose hilly routes

The steeper route you take, the more your quads, hamstrings, calves, and hip flexors will be engaged, which will help you burn extra calories. Walking on an inclined surface can also help boost your metabolic rate, which can help you burn even more calories. If you live in a plane area, you can choose to walk on a treadmill in an inclined setting. (Keeping it at a little inclined position).

Walking on varied terrain

When you walk on rocky terrain, your feet have to move at different angles, which engages your muscles, walking on a flat surface doesn’t.

Use walking poles

Walking with the help of poles boosts calorie burn as it also uses the muscles in your upper body.

Walking at a higher elevation

Walking at a higher altitude can burn even more calories. By doing so your body learns how to utilize lower levels of oxygen, which will make you fitter

Combine the run-walk method

Running and walking alternatively make for a combination of a more intense workout. You can run for some patches and walk for some, repeat the same pattern, This combination is good for weight loss.

6. Regular Walking Can Help You Keep weight off

Unfortunately, many people who lose weight end up gaining it all back. However regular walking plays an important role in helping you maintain weight loss.

Exercise like walking does not only help increase the amount of energy you burn day today, but it also helps you build more lean muscle so that you burn more calories, even at rest.

However participating in a regular, moderate-intensity exercise like walking can improve your mood, making you more likely to stay active in the long term.

7.  Short-Walks Throughout the day

A short walk is a great way to get in shape. Instead of walking 30 – 45 minutes in a day at once, you can focus on short walks 3 – 4 times throughout the day. To reach your weight loss goals try to include short walks in a day 15 – 20 minutes or less.

 Do a short walk following meals, which can help in digestion and also control your blood sugar. Prevent craving for more food and give your metabolism a boost.

Take a short walk when you feel frustrated or stressed. It may improve your mood while you burn a few more calories.

Walk around parking, driveway, and backyard. Always take the stairs instead of the elevator.

8. Track your daily progress 

It doesn’t matter whether you are chasing fitness goals or any other goals, tracking your progress makes you more likely to hit the target. Keeping a log of your daily workout gives you solid proof that you are doing what you set out to do, and you are making continuous progress towards your goal.

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